Commercial Production

Monacus colorants are currently being produced in Japan, China and Taiwon. Traditionally, Monascus has been grown on solid cereal substrates such as rice and wheat and the entire mass used as a food or a food ingredient. But it became obvious that the fungus could be grown in liquid or fluid solid state media and optimized for pigment production. Much research has been devoted to the determination of the optimal conditions for pigment production on a wide variety of cereal substrates. It is possible to maximize the production of either the red or yellow pigments to produce a range of red to yellow colors. For example, Tadao et al. reported that M. anka grown on bread produced only yellow pigments (4). Criticism was directed at the earlier production methods because the fungus produced an antibiotic, and this is considered to be an undesirable food ingredient. Recent strain selections and control of growth conditions have eliminated the antibiotic

Sleeping Sanctuary

Sleeping Sanctuary

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