It has been shown that the plate heat exchanger is a relatively simple machine on which to carry out a thermal design. Unlike the shell side of a tubular exchanger where predicting performance depends on baffle—shell leakage, baffle—tube leakage, and leakage around the bundle, it is not possible to have bypass streams on a Paraflow. The only major problem is that the pressure loss through the ports can cause unequal distribution in the plate pack. This is overcome by limiting the port velocity and by using a port pressure loss correlation in the design to allow for the effect of unequal distribution.

The flow in a plate also is far more uniform than on the shell side. Furthermore, there are no problems in calculation of heat transfer in the window, across the bundle, or allowing for dead spots as is the case with tubular exchangers. As a result, the prediction of performance is simple and very reliable once the initial correlations have been established.

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