Cultivation of the Shiitake Mushroom

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The shiitake grows naturally on logs of deciduous trees, in particular, beech, chestnut, hornbeam, and oak. Cultivation is therefore carried out on specially cut large branches from suitable trees, more substantial logs being in demand for construction purposes. Today a more scientific system is used (16). The logs are soaked in water and pounded to break the bark, or holes are made with a broad drill or a specially designed hammer. The logs are then inoculated with a spore emulsion prepared from mature fruiting bodies. Alternatively, a spawn consisting of mycelium grown on wood chips or sawdust is introduced into the holes. Then the infected logs are placed in a carefully selected site in

Figure 4. New developed and cultivated mushroom: Tricholoma cystidiosus.

Figure 5. Mushroom primordium of fruiting body, Fistulina hepática, of mycelia growing on potato dextrose agar (PDA) medium.

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