Culture Systems

Eels can be cultured both extensively and intensively. Most eel farms, however, use the intensive culture system. This culture system is characterized by high stocking densities, stringent water-quality management, additional inputs such as formulated diets to increase fish production, and aggressive disease prevention.

Elver Rearing

There are various sizes and types of tanks being used in stocking elvers. The most commonly used, however, is the circular concrete tank, about 5 m in diameter and 60 cm in depth. Tanks are usually built under greenhouses and heated to above 25°C by thermostatically controlled electric immersion heaters (10). This is to protect the elvers from low temperatures.

The average stocking density of intensive culture is 12 kg of elvers/3.3m2. Sorting and restocking are usually done after 20-30 days, when a significant difference in the size of eels is observed. The average density used for the second stocking phase is 1 kg offish/3.3 m2. Frequent sorting and restocking will bring about higher survival rate. These will also help maintain uniform growth and provide better feed conversion rates.


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