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Figure 3. Ohmic plant line diagram.

Product pump

Recycle for CIP and/or sterilization the particulate, should they be markedly different, by manipulation of the dissolved ionic contents of the two processing streams. This assists in ensuring that both particulates and carrier fluid are heated at the same rate.

After cooling, product enters the main storage reservoir prior to aseptic filling. It is not usually necessary to carry out intermediate cleaning and/or resterilization of the plant when several different products are processed. This is due to the almost complete absence of fouling with most food materials. After one product is processed, the plant is flushed with a food-compatible liquid or base sauce before introducing the next product. The catch tank is used to collect product/sauce interfaces.

When food processing is complete, the power is turned off and the plant rinsed with water. This is followed by cleaning with a 2% (w/v) solution of caustic soda recirculated at 60 to 70°C for 30 min. Heating of the cleaning solution is by standard methods and not using the ohmic principle. This is because the electrical conductivity of the cleaning solution is too high for the ohmic principle to be applied.

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