High pressure steam

Cooling water

Vacuum Condensate

Figure 19. Four-effect thermocompression.

power even when all the gas and oil has been exhausted or is too expensive to use.

Briefly examining the thermodynamics involved with MVR, the Figure 20 schematic shows an evaporator with a liquid boiling point of 212°F (atmospheric pressure). All of the water vapor that is boiled off passes to a compressor. In order to keep the energy input to the system as low as possible, the pressure boost across the compressor is limited. In the majority of cases, this pressure boost will correspond to a saturated temperature rise in the region of 15°F or less.

In this example, there is a pressure boost of 4.5 psi across the compressor. Assuming that there is a pressure low of 0.5 psi in the system, the effective pressure on the

Enthalpy 1169 Btu/lb Pressure 19.2 psia

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