Dairy Cattle

Milk production and the production of dairy cattle is still largely by individual producers, although many of these

Ready-to-cook broilers and parts

Ready-to-cook broilers and parts

Figure 3. Many modem broiler firms control production from chick to consumer product.
Figure 4. Swine production; sow and her baby pigs. Source: Courtesy of National Food Review.

producers are quite large (eg, 300 to 3500 cows). Some have integrated into producer-processor operations. Most producers also farm and produce a major portion of their own feed, especially roughage (eg, hay, silage, and pasture) and purchase a commercial concentrate feed. Large dairy units may purchase all of the required feed. With continuing increases in milk production per cow, due largely to genetic, feeding, and reproductive technology, the number of dairy producers continues to decrease but milk production per cow steadily increases (Fig. 5).

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