Decholesterolized Butter

Fractionation by crystallization, supercritical fluid extraction, and other technology are methods being applied commercially to milk fat to create desirable new products, such as decholesterolized butter. The essential purpose of milk fat application development is to adapt products to fit user demands.

In the 1980s, there was significant research and market activity in developing decholesterolized milk fat. All this activity was for naught, for the hypothesis of creating a "healthier" fat (for butter or milk or other dairy product) was not sound. The nutrition community had long recognized that the link between dietary cholesterol and serum cholesterol was weak and that the ratio of total fat-saturated fat had a greater impact on health. In addition, the FDA issued new standards in 1993 (57) that effectively negated the value of decholestering milk fat. The new law required that to be called low cholesterol, the fat must contain no more than 2 g of saturation fat per serving. Butterfat is approximately 65% saturated. Since the technology to desaturate milk fat is not cost-effective, decholes-terization has no economic value.

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