Aquacultural engineering is the application of engineering principles to the design, construction, and management of systems for the production of aquatic animals or plants. Specific areas covered include the overall system design and management; the physical system used to hold the animals or plants; the supporting structures; processes, monitoring equipment, and techniques needed to ensure an adequate environmental quality in the production system; and the facilities and equipment needed to handle fish* and other materials such as feed. As a research discipline, aquacultural engineering also deals with the evaluation of the effects of water quality and other environmental conditions on fish, as well as the effect that fish have on the water. Effects on the fish that are of concern include growth rates, susceptibility to disease, and reproductive success. An area of increasing concern is the potential environmental impact of aquaculture operations, and aquacultural engineers are being called upon to help address this topic. In addition, traditional engineering disciplines ranging from environmental to mechanical to electrical engineering are used in aquaculture.

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