Design Elements

In addition to dictating the terminology, the regulations outline location, placement, and type-size requirements for the product identity statement. When other required information is incorporated into the product identity statement (eg, form of food, "imitation," "reconstituted," characterizing ingredients, characterizing flavors), additional design requirements apply.

Product Identity Statement. The product name must be in conspicuous type, located prominently on the PDP. The type size should be reasonably related to the largest printing on the PDP.

Form of Food. When language describing the form of the food is required, the letters should be in a type size bearing a reasonable relation to the type size of the other components of the product identity statement.

Imitation. If "imitation" is required, it must be in the same type size and prominence as the name of the food.

Reconstituted. When a term such as "reconstituted" or "from concentrate" is required as part of a juice beverage name, the letters may be no smaller than half the height of the letters in the name of the juice.

Characterizing Ingredients. Percent ingredient declarations must be in an easily legible, prominent type that distinctly contrasts with other printed or graphic material.

Characterizing Flavors. When a characterizing flavor must be included in the product name, the letters must be no smaller than half the height of the letters in the product name. If the word "natural," "artificial," or "flavored" is included, it must be no smaller than half the height of the letters in the characterizing flavor.

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