Developments in New Polymeric Barrier Packaging Materials

The success of any food-packaging technology as a means of extending the shelf life of food is dependent on the characteristics of the package materials surrounding a product. Developments in polymer chemistry have resulted in production of low-gas-permeability package films, such as polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC) and ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH), and high-gas-permeability materials such as styrene block copolymers. PVDC and EVOH films have excellent water vapor-oxygen-, and carbon dioxide-barrier characteristics and can be laminated to structural and/or water vapor-barrier polymers to impart the desired strength, heat sealability, and permeability characteristics for quality retention of packaged food products. In addi tion, developments in high-speed, continuous, vertical, horizontal, and thermoforming packaging equipment compatible with the machinability characteristics of these films have also promoted the growth of new packaging technologies.

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Sleeping Sanctuary

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