Dynamic Map Systems

These systems (2) include active packaging, VSP (vacuum skin packaging) & MAP, CAPTECH, 2-phase MAP, static gas exchange, and dynamic gas exchange. VSP & MAP includes an inside vacuum skin of an oxygen-permeable film enclosed in a barrier bag into which a high-oxygen atmosphere (80% 02, 20% C02) has been injected. The inner oxygen-permeable film allows oxygen at the meat surface while carbon dioxide controls microbial growth. The CAPTECH system has an inner oxygen-permeable film and the outer foil plus biaxially oriented nylon film that encloses a metered amount of carbon dioxide. The 2-phase MAP combines use of solid and gaseous carbon dioxide to avoid the package collapse that can result from C02 absorption by the meat.

Static gas exchange implies an inner package of oxygen-permeable film with an outer dome or master pack filled with a C02/N2 mix. The outer dome or film is gas impermeable, and this system is dependent on a very good oxygen evacuation. This system may be vulnerable to oxygen that has diffused into meat after cutting and before packaging and later may partially diffuse out of the meat into the in-package atmosphere. Therefore the time interval between cutting and packaging should be very short.

Dynamic gas exchange implies mechanically replacing the original C02/N2 gas mix with an 80% 02/20% C02 or similar mix at the retail establishment. The original gas mix enables a longer storage and distribution product life of up to 3 weeks, and the gas exchange enables rapid bloom (oxygenation) of the myoglobin.

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