Earlycurrent Officers

The Institute was served for five years by Hucker as its voluntary secretary-treasurer, then for five years by Carl R. Fellers. In 1949 Charles S. Lawrence, former commandant of the Quartermaster Food and Container Institute for the armed services was appointed secretary-treasurer on a one-half time basis. Lawrence set the IFT office up in Chicago where it still is though the Food and Container Institute was later moved to Natick, Massachusetts, and is now a part of the U.S. Army Natick RD&E Center. Lawrence served as secretary-treasurer until 1961. Calvert L. Willey was hired as a full-time executive secretary; the title was later changed to executive director. He retired in 1987. That year Howard W. Mattson, who had been director of public affairs, became the executive director. He resigned for health reasons in 1991. Daniel E. Weber, who had been director of meetings and expositions for several years, became executive director upon the resignation of Howard Mattson. In 1999, his title was changed to executive vice president.

Sleeping Sanctuary

Sleeping Sanctuary

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