Effect Of Several Factors On Limonin Content Of Grapefruit Juice

Mansell and Mcintosh (33) reported limonin contents (EIA) for a large number of samples of the major Florida grapefruit cultivars. Samples from three Florida state test houses collected from mid-December 1979 through early March 1980 revealed the following limonin concentrations in the cultivars (mean and range in /¿g/mL): Duncan—394 samples, 6.03, 1.35 to 12.10; Marsh—537 samples, 7.15, 1.78 to 13.80; pink seedless—127 samples, 7.47, 2.41 to 12.00. The mean limonin content for Duncan was significantly lower (P < 0.05) than that for the Marsh or pink seedless.

In the same study, limonin contents were also reported for the three different test houses utilized (overall mean and range in /¿g/mL): test house 1—344 samples, 7.52,2.38 to 12.30; test house 2—488 samples, 6.09, 1.35 to 12.30; test house 3—272 samples, 7.05,1.78 to 13.80. The means for the three test houses differed significantly at the 95% confidence level.

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