Effective Utilization Of Antioxidants In Foods

Utilization of antioxidant additives and preservation of endogenous antioxidants can be effective methods for improving food quality. Maximizing protection by endogenous antioxidants can be accomplished by minimizing antioxidant removal during the processing of raw materials, minimizing inactivation of antioxidants during processing (eg, inactivation of antioxidant enzymes during thermal processing operations) (20), selecting food sources that are naturally high in antioxidants, and including antioxidants in the diet of livestock (21). When antioxidant additives are used, several factors should be considered, including the antioxidant's mechanism of action in relation to the pro-oxidants in the food, the solubility characteristics of the antioxidant in relation to the physical location where oxidative reactions are most prevalent, how the antioxidant will interact with other food components (eg, prooxi-dative nature of ascorbate in the presence of transition metals), and how food processing operations will influence antioxidant stability.

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