Effects On Physiological Disorders

Scald is one of the most serious physiological disorders in apples, pears, and many other fruits during and after storage. Storage of fruits in CA, particularly in low 02 atmosphere, has been shown to reduce the susceptibility of fruits to scald (6,26). Russet spotting of lettuce can be caused by exposure to ethylene or warm shipping or storage temperatures (27). This physiological disorder can be substantially reduced by low 02 atmosphere (28,29). The development and spread of necrotic spots on the outer leaves of cabbage was largely prevented by low 02 atmosphere but not by high-C02 treatment

(30). The incidence and severity of vein streaking of cabbage leaves was also reported to be reduced in CA storage

Controlled atmosphere reduces chilling injury in certain sensitive crops, while it aggravates or has no effect in other crops. Holding zucchini squash in low 02 alleviated chilling injury during storage at 2.5°C (32,33). Conditioning grapefruit with short-term prestorage treatment of high C02 (40%) at 21°C reduced subsequent brown staining and rind pitting, two symptoms of chilling injury, at 1°C (34). Intermittent exposure of unripe avocados to 20% C02 reduced chilling injury at 4°C (35). Addition of C02 to the storage atmospheres was also effective in reducing chilling-induced internal breakdown and retaining ripening ability of peaches (36,37). Controlled atmosphere has also been reported to reduce the severity of chilling injury symptoms in okra (38). However, increasing the level of C02 or reducing 02 concentration can accentuate symptoms of chilling injury in cucumbers, bell peppers, and tomatoes (39,40).

Some other physiological disorders have also been reported to be aggravated by CA conditions. The development of a brown discoloration in and around the core and adjacent cortex tissue of apples and pears has been associated with high C02 (41,42). White core inclusions in kiwi-fruit can also be induced by elevated C02 in combination with ethylene (43). The severity of brown stain on lettuce has also been found to increase with increasing C02 levels (44).

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