T Rail floor

Figure 4. Pathways of air in a trailer equipped with a traditional top-air system and T-section floor.

Multicompartment vehicles are available for carrying products that need different temperatures. Movable bulkheads have also been designed to allow compartments to have variable volumes. If multiple deliveries occur, then it is important to ensure that the load on the tractor does not exceed legal limits. This can happen if the center of pressure of the trailer moves forward when products are taken away from the rear section.

Road Delivery Vehicles

There are many designs of rigid body insulated vehicles with refrigeration systems sized for the operational requirements. Multidelivery vehicles require adequate door protection such as plastic curtains to minimize heat entry when the driver is picking and removing products.

Some companies use a eutectic plate system built into the walls and ceiling. The eutectic is refrozen using an electrical main's electricity to power a small compressor when the vehicle returns to the depot. Ice can build up inside by freezing air that enters when the doors are open. It is removed when the vehicle body is allowed to warm up for routine cleaning.

Insulated pallet-sized containers with eutectic plates are used by some companies requiring small volumes of chilled, or frozen, products delivered to shops next to ambient commodities.

Carriage by air provides a JIT service that can deliver perishable products to customers to meet market demands. It can also provide a quicker way of balancing stocks during times of peak demand. Air freight is very useful in supplying niche markets with products whose shelf life is too short for carriage by surface transport.

Cargoes need to be, tightly packed, and consignments insulated, if a suitable container is not available. Refrigerants such as dry ice may be added, providing they do not freeze the cargo and the gases emitted do not damage sensitive products or provide a health hazard. Ice is also used to keep some cargoes cool. Drip loss during melting needs to be contained to prevent damage to packaging and the aircraft. Airlines normally need to give permission for the use of these refrigerants.

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