Equipment Koshering

There are three ways to make equipment kosher and/or to change its status, depending on the equipment's prior pro duction history. Note: After a plant (or a line) has been used to produce kosher pareve products, it can be switched to either kosher dairy or kosher meat without a special equipment kosherization step.

The simplest equipment kosherization occurs with equipment made of materials that can be koshered and that have only been handled cold. These require a good caustic/soap cleaning. However, materials such as ceramics, rubber, earthenware, and porcelain cannot be koshered. If these materials are found in a processing plant, new materials may be required for production; switching between different status conditions will be difficult.

Most food processing involves a heat treatment, generally above 115 to 120°F, which is defined rabbinically as "cooking." However, the exact temperature for "cooking" depends on the rabbi. To kosher these items, the equipment must be thoroughly cleaned with caustic/soap. The equipment must be left idle for 24 h and then the equipment must be flooded with boiling water (defined between 190 and 212°F) in the presence of a kosher supervisor.

In the case of ovens or equipment that use "fire," kosherization involves heating the metal until it glows. Again, the rabbi will generally be present while this process is taking place.

The procedures that must be followed for equipment kosherization can be quite extensive, so the fewer status conversions, the better. Careful formulating of products and good production planning can minimize the inconvenience and cost.

Homemade Pet Food Secrets

Homemade Pet Food Secrets

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