Fish and other aquatic animals are produced in commercial ponds and tanks or separated areas of lakes and sea-coasts. For the most part, they are fed commercially prepared diets, although they also obtain food material from plankton in these waters. Catfish, trout, and salmon are the major fish, and shrimp and crawfish are the major crustaceans commercially produced in the United States

Figure 5. Dairy farm: dairy cows, milking parlor, barn, silo, and granary. Source: Courtesy of National Food Review.

Figure 6. Cattle feedlot: cattle on feed and feed mill. Source: Courtesy of Texas Cattle Feeders Assoc., Amarillo, Texas.

(26). Catfish production increased 330% between 1980 and 1987. The catfish industry is largely vertically integrated. Because of its rapid growth, aquaculture will use increasing amounts of feed and improved technology to produce aquatic animals.

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