Flavor Science

Award. $3,000 honorarium and a Steuben crystal sculpture.

Purpose. To honor an IFT member food scientist or technologist who has made significant contributions to lipid or flavor science.

Eligibility. The contributions can be on any aspect of lipid or flavor science, ranging from basic chemistry to applied technology, but must have had some impact on commercial operations. The award applies to all disciplines involved in lipid or flavor science. For example, the nominee (1) studies the basic chemistry and mechanism of autoxidation of lipids and the knowledge is used by one or more companies to improve the stability of their products; (2) publishes papers concerning the chemistry and processes for the removal, from fats and oils, of impurities that might be harmful to health, and the knowledge is used by one or more companies to improve the wholesomeness of their products; (3) studies basic chemistry and the process of deep-fat frying, and this information is used by one or more companies to improve their deep-fat-fried foods; (4) significantly contributes to the understanding of the chemical synthetic or biosynthetic process for the optimization of production of new, or nature-alike, flavor chemicals; (5) identifies the chemical profiles of potential flavor sources and pinpoints the importance of key flavor chemicals by correlating them with physiological flavor response; or (6) makes significant advances in the development of analytical methodology in flavor chemistry. Special instructions. The nomination statement must not be more than four typed pages. Do not include a curriculum vitae or lists of publications and patents.

Anti-Aging Report

Anti-Aging Report

When people generally think about anti-aging, they tend to think about the visible signs of wear and tear, those tell-tale wrinkles, age spots and their developing jowls. No-one wants to get old, let alone feel and look older than their years and anti-aging treatments are becoming so sought after by both men and women that the skincare market is colossal, but what really works?

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