Food Applications

Many different food products have been produced directly or indirectly by extrusion. Applications of extrusion have been classified into two categories: semifinished products and finished products (7). For semifinished products, extrusion cooking has been shown to offer economic advantages over the traditional process such as drum drying for producing pregelatinized cereal flours, potato starch, and cereal starches. By controlling the processing conditions to achieve the desired balance of gelatinization and molecular degradation, starches, and chemically modified starches with a wide range of cold water solubility values can be produced (8). Extensive patent literature has been covered on extruded breakfast cereals (9), snack foods (10) and textured foods (11-13). Other applications include dry and soft-moist pet foods, precooked and modified starches, flat bread, breadings, croutons, full-fat soy flour, precooked noodles, beverage bases, soup and gravy bases, and confections such as licorice, fruit gums, and chocolate (4,14).

Sleeping Sanctuary

Sleeping Sanctuary

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