Food Marketing

Most of the efforts and resources in food science and technology are devoted to making food production faster, more efficient, of higher quality, and, of course, less expensive. Food marketing is concerned with a number of other important activities such as the identification of consumer needs; the design of need-satisfying food products and services; the pricing, distribution, and communications (including advertising and promotion) of food and allied products. Most people think of food marketing as synonymous with advertising, and while this is the most obvious activity, it is by no means the most important. Marketing is more than just a set of techniques to entice people to buy a product, it is a philosophic approach to doing business.

Living Gluten Free

Living Gluten Free

A beginners guide that will reveal how living "G" free can help you lose weight today! This is not a fad diet, or short term weight loss program that sometimes makes you worse off than before you started. This is a necessity for some people and is prescribed to 1 out of every 100 people on earth by doctors and health professionals.

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