Food Surface Sanitation

Of paramount importance in food manufacture is the freedom of microbial (spoilage and pathogenic microorganisms) and foreign body contamination in the final product. Such contamination may arise from the constituent raw materials or the processing environment, which includes food contact surfaces, the air, people, and pests. Failure to control these factors may lead to product recalls, loss of sales or profits, adverse publicity, and, if regulatory requirements have been infringed, fines, sanctions, or ultimately site closure or loss of production/export license. For mechanisms would surface with the extension of storage that has been incurred. Whether the mechanisms are of concern, however, would depend on the typical length of time that the product takes to get to the consumer. Thus, while spoilage may be viewed as a very complex set of activities, it must ultimately be viewed in the context of the distribution chain and the point at which consumption would take place.

Sleeping Sanctuary

Sleeping Sanctuary

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