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Strawberries were the first popular frozen fruit in the United States. They were mixed with sugar in wooden barrels and placed in a cold store where the barrels were turned regularly to ensure proper mixing of the fruit/juice/ sugar while being slowly frozen. Chilled whole fruit has eroded the market for this melange that is used in jams, jellies, ice cream, and so on. In the berry-producing countries of Eastern Europe the introduction of individually quick-frozen (IQF) berries, packed hygienically in tote bins each containing perhaps a thousand kilograms has superseded the sulfited pulps in wooden barrels used in the production of conserves and so on. Most whole fruit suffer a substantial loss of texture and mouth-feel during freezing and storage and are used in further manufacture: into pies, flans, jams, jellies, tortes, and so on.

The Florida citrus groves had to wait for the development of vacuum-concentrated juice technology before the enormously popular frozen citrus concentrates could be marketed. Frozen concentrated juice (FCOJ) now accounts for over 95% of the citrus crop in Florida, Israel, and Brazil. FCOJ is interesting from another point of view. In general the objective in freezing is to maintain the original quality of the raw material. Freezing does not seek to improve the raw material. In the case of FCOJ it is possible to blend, in the frozen state, the high acid-low sugar juice produced early in the season with low acid-high sugar juice produced later in the season to produce a consistent quality product. These juice concentrates are increasingly presented to the consumer as diluted to single strength, often as multiple blended chilled juices in single-serving containers.

Berry Boosters

Berry Boosters

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