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The eel is a highly valued fish. Compared with other fish, the eel is rich in vitamins A and E, and calcium. The eel is recognized as one of the most nutritious cultured fishes. The fish is high in energy content, and calorific values,

Varnished Eel
Figure 12. Tanned eel skin stained with different kinds of dye.
Eel Health Benefits
Figure 13. A shoulder bag made from tanned eel skin.

such that it is eaten to create appetite and stamina especially in hot and humid days. Its health benefits make the eel a valuable fish.

Eel skin, when processed, can be used in leathercrafts. More research, however, must be undertaken in finding ways to efficiently tan its skin to enable it to compete with other leathers.

Interest in the culture of eel has reached a high level in recent years because of its versatility and popularity, and high demand as gourmet food particularly in Japan, where it commands a good price. In eel-eating countries such as Japan, Taiwan, and some parts of Europe (Germany, Denmark, and the UK) enterprising activities concerning eels are in progress. These activities include research into new techniques of eel culture in cold climate, ie, Northern Europe.

Elvers used in eel culture are still sourced from the wild, and are diminishing in numbers. Thus investigations on eel propagation in captivity should be made. Attempts albeit unsuccessful have been made to propagate elvers artificially. The challenge for researchers now is to look for efficient and commercially successful ways to propagate them artificially. Researchers may gain hints from the lessons of past investigations and look for ways to unlock the mystery of the long life history of the eel. The fish's potentials are so great that the search will surely be worthwhile.

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