Future Development

Fish is health food is not a marketing gimmick but truly states the merits of seafood. The demand for this highly nutritious protein food, much avowed for its healthful omega-3 fatty acids, will continue to grow in demand. This pressure on a limited resource will encourage better biological management of the natural wild stocks (including international cooperation), faster expansion of aquaculture operations, and the total utilization of the raw material.

Much of the so-called industrial fish and the waste from present processing operations, currently being reduced to cheap animal foods, can and will be upgraded to human foods. Headed and gutted industrial fish can be deboned to give a highly acceptable minced flesh for engineered and formulated foods. A fish frame from which fillets have been removed contains as much meat as the fillets. This meat can be removed by deboning, and the minced flesh, nutritionally equal to the fillet or to any other minced flesh, is a tremendous source of base protein materials for formulated foods. Modern processing machinery, growing knowledge about the technology of formulated foods, and the demand for high-quality prepared foods support the trend to use previously underutilized seafood and seafood portions for this market.

As has been discussed, the technology of handling, packaging, and transporting fresh seafoods is rapidly developing and the future will see more fresh seafood on the market. In conclusion there is an exciting future for seafood in the United States. The new generation of refrigerated and frozen seafood and formulated products, as well as better quality traditional items, will continue to encourage increased consumption of both wild and farmed fish and shellfish.

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