Future Directions

The future role of food science and technology in New Zealand remains to deliver products that compete in terms of quality, service, and innovation against all others in the world market. Sustainable safe production supported by innovative processing to give long-life natural products that are free from residues and toxins but with characteristics demanded by the high-value customers and consumers is the key focus of the New Zealand food industry and its researchers. Because of the distance from markets, new and improved preservation methods will continually be sought so that New Zealand can satisfy the growing emphasis for convenience and health products. Innovative food products will be required to satisfy the potential demand for home meal replacements as well as the functional food interests.

Biotechnology will have an increasing influence on the direction of the New Zealand food industry leading to new products and new processes. Not only will researchers need to understand the molecular biological means of manipulating foods, they will also need to prove to a skeptical consumer that products are safe.

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Living Gluten Free

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