General Aspects Of Peptides Definition

Peptide is a substance in which amino acids are bound together by peptide bonds, amide bonds between «-amino groups, and a-carboxyl groups of neighboring amino acids. Peptides containing fewer than 10 amino acids residues are called oligopeptides and those containing 10 amino acids or more are called polypeptides. Polypeptides containing more than 50 amino residues are called proteins.

Most peptides of natural origin are linear molecules containing L-amino acids. The structure of, for example, l-alanyl-l-threonyl-l-tyrosine is expressed as H-Ala-Thr-Tyr-OH or Ala-Thr-Tyr in three-letter abbreviations and as A-T-Y in simple one-letter abbreviations.

Usually, 20 different amino acids are found in proteins and peptides. Therefore, the number of possible peptides containing n residues of amino acid is 20n.

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