Pectate. Pectate as in calcium or sodium pectate is pec-tic acid that is fully or partially neutralized with metal ions. Often referred to as polygalacturonate as in calcium or sodium polygalacturonate.

Pectic acid. Pectic acid is pure poly[(l-4)-0-linked (alpha-D-galactopyranosyl uronic acid)] and is often referred to as polygalacturonic acid.

Pectin. Pectin, as originally defined, is a water-soluble mixture of pectinic acids or partially neutralized pectinic acids capable of undergoing gel formation.

Pectinate. Pectinate as in calcium or sodium pectinate is pectinic acid that is partially or fully neutralized with metals ions.

Pectinic acid. Pectinic acid is a mixture of pectic substances, a significant portion of which is a copolymer of galacturonic acid and its methyl ester.

Protopectin. Protopectin refers to native, undissolved or insoluble plant tissue pectin.

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