Government And Agrifood

The Department of Agriculture and Food is responsible for all aspects of supervision and development of the agrifood industry. For food, its goals include the further development of high-quality international markets and the fostering of added-value food exports rather than basic commodity trading. Related activities include the operation and implementation of EU schemes and regulations, the provision of grants for farm improvements, the operation of measures to improve livestock and horticultural production, the control and elimination of animal disease, ensuring quality control in food processing and marketing, and the formulation and operation of land policy (8).

The Department of the Marine and Natural Resources is a comparatively new government department, being first established as a Department of Fisheries, separate from Agriculture, in 1977, with subsequent functional and title changes. Ireland as an island has great scope for sea fisheries development and also is famous for freshwater fishing, both game and coarse. The Department has responsibility for all aspects of regulation, protection, and development of the marine resources. The Department is also responsible for all aspects of forest policy (8).

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