Grading and Definitions

Many feeds, especially grains, are graded for quality factors (moisture, broken kernels, damage, foreign material) that are used in the trade as purchasing specifications (31). Many of these visual standards are defect-type factors that may or may not relate to the nutritional value of the feed. End-user factors such as moisture, protein, oil, starch, fiber, hardness, and amino acid ratios are important economically to the needs of specific grain users (32). Hay grading standards have also been proposed, but their use is limited.

Official processing and composition definitions for various feed ingredients have been established and are constantly updated by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) (33). These definitions are used by state and national feed control officials in regulatory aspects of the feed industry. Also listed are the names and addresses of state feed control officials, state feed registration requirements, the uniform state feed bill, related associations, and other useful information on livestock feeds.

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