Gram Negative Polarly Flagellated Bacteria

From the standpoint of food spoilage, Pseudomonas is considered one of the most important organisms. This gram-negative organism is a prolific metabolizer of organic compounds. The organism can grow in refrigerated temperatures (psychrotrophic) and form slime, fluorescent compounds, and pigments in cold-stored foods. It is re sponsible for the spoilage of chicken, meat, fish, vegetables, and all kinds of foods kept in cold storage. Because it is aerobic it usually is not responsible for the spoilage of canned or vacuum-packaged foods.

Acetobacter is also a member of this group of gramnegative bacteria. This organism oxidizes alcohol to acetic acid. In making vinegar it is desirable; however, in making wine it is the most important organism causing souring. Photobacterium can cause phosphorescence of meat and fish when incubated in suitable conditions. Halobacterium can grow in salt concentrations as high as 30%. It can produce pigments and spoil salty fish.

Making Your Own Wine

Making Your Own Wine

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