Halal Food Processing

There are in excess of 8,500 grocery items on the shelves of even a small supermarket in North America and Europe, and many new products are being added daily (6). Due to the complexity of food-product development and food processing, an uncertainty exists about the nature and kinds of ingredients present in a particular food. Muslims may either abstain from purchasing such foods or may end up eating what is prohibited. Food processors would need to use the following key points in the production of Halal products (7):

• Products must be from naturally Halal animals, such as cattle, goats, chicken, and the like.

• The animals must have been slaughtered properly, as described later.

• Products must be processed and packed using utensils, equipment, and machinery that has been properly cleaned.

• Products must be free from ingredients that are Haram, Makrooh, or Mashbooh.

• All raw materials used must be Halal.

• Products must be free from cross-contamination and must not come in contact with Haram substances.

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