Discussion of the need to establish an international organization of food science and technology to advance food availability, food safety, and nutrition began in Britain and North America in 1959-1960. These early conversations resulted in the First International Congress of Food Science and Technology held in London, England, in 1962. At that time an International Committee of Food Science and Technology was formed to plan further congresses and a more formal international union. Four years later, in 1966, the Second Congress was held in Warsaw.

The IUFoST was formally inaugurated during the Third Congress held in Washington, D.C., USA, in 1970. Subsequent congresses, their dates, and venues were Madrid, Spain, 1974; Kyoto, Japan, 1978; Dublin, Ireland, 1983; Singapore, 1987; Toronto, Canada, 1991; and Budapest, Hungary, 1995. The Tenth International Congress will be held in Sidney, Australia, in 1999. IUFoST decided that, beginning with the Eleventh Congress in Seoul, Korea, in 2001, it will hold International Congresses every two years. The Twelfth Congress will be held in Chicago, Illinois, USA, in 2003.

ORGANIZATION General Assembly

The Union is governed by a General Assembly, which meets at the international congresses of the Union, and by an Executive Committee, which exercises the authority of the General Assembly between congresses.

The General Assembly develops and controls IUFoST policy and action. Its responsibilities include: the consid eration of proposals involving international cooperative scientific programs and activities, the approval of methods to finance Union activities and reports of expenditures, the development of rules and procedures governing Union activities and the election of officers, and the Executive and Finance Committees.

Each member nation is allocated a number of voting delegates to the General Assembly according to its annual fee assessment; the maximum number of delegates that a country can have is five. The Executive Committee has the power to admit temporarily an adhering body to nonvoting membership without fee.

At the Ninth Congress in Budapest, the General Assembly of the Union unanimously adopted the Budapest Declaration in response to the 1992 International Conference on Nutrition in Rome. The Declaration gave special attention to those areas in which food science and technology can make a major contribution to the quality and availability of food, including reduction in postharvest losses, improvements in food quality and safety, and adaptation and improvement of traditional foods and food processing.


There is an initial entrance fee of US$100, payable on acceptance into membership. An annual assessment is made on each adhering body according to the number of votes it has in the General Assembly, with one vote per delegate, as shown in Table 1.

Union Officers

The president, secretary general, and treasurer, and three vice-presidents are elected to four-year terms by the General Assembly. Not more than two officers may be citizens of the same country. The mailing address of the secretary general is the official headquarters of the Union. The president is the principal executive officer, and the secretary general/treasurer the principal administrative officer of the Union. The vice-presidents act for the president in his absence, lead major activities of the Union as determined by the Executive Committee, and represent the Union as determined by the president.

The Union plans to establish a permanent secretariat in order to expand its activities and further develop the services it can offer. The Swiss journal Lebensmittel Wissenschaft und Technologie (LWT, or Food Science and Technology) is the official journal of the Union. The Union publishes its own newsletter, Newsline, circulated three times yearly to adhering bodies, associate members, and subscribing libraries.

Table 1. Schedule of Assessment

Table 1. Schedule of Assessment

No. of Delegates

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