AOAC INTERNATIONAL, originally known as the Association of Official Agricultural Chemists, was formed in

1884 to adopt uniform methods of analysis for fertilizers. Over the years, the number of areas of analytical sciences represented in AOAC increased steadily. A name change in 1965 to the Association of Official Analytical Chemists partially reflected the expansion of AOAC's analytical interests. By 1991 the Association had long ceased to be confined to regulatory (official) analytical chemists from North America—having a majority of members working in the private sector, a significant number involved in microbiology and other forms of analysis, and more than one-fourth living outside the United States. Consequently, in that year, the name was changed to AOAC INTERNATIONAL, thereby retaining the initials by which the Association had been known for more than 100 years, eliminating reference to a specific scientific discipline or profession, and reflecting the international membership and focus of AOAC.

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