Homarus Americanus

The American lobster has a carapace length of up to 210 mm (3) and is dark green with dark spotting above and yellowish color on the underside. These lobsters inhabit the shallow water of the Atlantic Coast of North America from shore to a depth of 480 m. Most commonly, they are found at depths of 4 to 5 m (4,5). These lobsters typically inhabit rocky areas but also make burrows under solid objects or in clay banks (4). They range from the Strait of Belle Isle, Newfoundland, to Cape Hatteras, North Carolina (4,6). References 3 and 7 give a thorough treatment of the biology of the species. This species accounts for 36% of the world lobster catch. H. gammarus (the European lobster) is biologically similar to H. americanus in all respects except distribution. It is a minor contributor in the world fishery, accounting for only 2% of the catch.

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