Home Meal Replacement

Ready-to-cook, partially cooked, or ready-to-eat food products prepared and sold at a wide range of establishments, then consumed at home, are commonly referred to as home meal replacements (HMR), or meal solutions. Sociocul-tural and socioeconomic changes have driven the demand for convenient, fresh (preferably not frozen), appealing, high-quality food products that require minimal preparation by the consumer. This trend was described by Hoo-genkamp (24) and Farquhar (25).

HMRs commonly include chilled or hot meals marketed through supermarkets, restaurants, and nontraditional retail outlets. These products are prepared and packaged at U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service (USDA FSIS) or FDA inspected plants, by in-house supermarket or restaurant chefs, or prepared as made-to-order meals on-site at retail establishments. Johnson (26) summarized food safety hazards and risks associated with production and handling of HMRs.

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