(16) Ri = H; R2(R3) = cooch3; R3(R2) = H; R4 = FnOCO

(17) Ri = H; R2(R3) =Ü3l; R3(R2) = H> R4 = FnOCO

(21) Ri = H; R2 = CH2CH3; R3 = CONH-(S)-CH(CH2CH3)Ph conh— ch3 ch3

(23) Ri = (CH2)2C(CH3)3; R2 = COOCH3; R3 = H; R4 = CH2Ph potential interest is d-tagatose (24), a hexose sugar formed from lactose in heated milk and is claimed by Zehner and associates to be noncaloric (108,109). MD Food Ingredients has developed a commercial process to prepare 24 from lactose and is initiating a GRA.S affirmation petition on it for general use in foods and beverages. d-Tagatose is claimed to exhibit a clean sweet taste, with Pw = 0.5. In rigorous studies, d-tagatose was estimated by MD Food Ingredient scientists to exhibit a bioavailable calorie content of 2.0 Cal/g.

sociates at Proctor & Gamble described another series of sugar MNSs that also appear to have 0 Cal/g bioavailable calorie content (111). They referred to these new sugar MNSs as the 5-C-(hydroxymethyl)hexoses. The preferred compound in the Mazur series of compounds is 26, which is prepared in three steps from lactose. Sugar MNS 26 is claimed to exhibit a clean sweetness, a Pw of 0.5, and it is not fermented at all by human fecal bacteria. Further, it is claimed to function well as a sugar replacement in a broad range of food products.

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