Hot Gas Blanching

Hot-gas blanching has been studied because of the potential for reducing leaching and, in particular, for reducing effluent. One report indicated that for spinach, green beans, corn on the cob, and leeks the retention of water-soluble vitamins was much the same as for other commercial blanching operations. Excessive surface drying in some cases and the presence of atmospheric oxygen, which could promote oxidative changes, were disadvantages. Also, it was shown that operational costs could be much higher than water blanching for some vegetables (15).

Homemade Pet Food Secrets

Homemade Pet Food Secrets

It is a well known fact that homemade food is always a healthier option for pets when compared to the market packed food. The increasing hazards to the health of the pets have made pet owners stick to containment of commercial pet food. The basic fundamentals of health for human beings are applicable for pets also.

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