Human Resource System

Foodservice operations have had a negative production record in the past, but the trend is to reverse this image. The foodservice industry is learning to maximize its best resource—the people they employ. Increasing productivity and decreasing employee turnover should be objectives of a good foodservice manager. Effective recruitment, selection, orientation, and training will enhance these objectives.

A plan for recruiting and selecting new employees communicates the knowledge and skill needed for employment. Employee orientation and training programs developed by the fast-food chains have emphasized the need for training programs in all foodservice operations. Managers need to be trained for their positions and to understand the principles of learning to maximize training efforts. Managers who are not trained to use effective investigative methods, active listening, and conflict-resolution techniques when small employee problems occur may discover a larger employee problem. Failure to resolve small problems may contribute to an unhappy working environment and frequent employee changes. Unresolved employee problems open the door to labor unions to represent the employees better.

Government legislation affects human resources planning. Since the 1960s, several pieces of legislation have had significant impact on the hiring, disciplining, promotion, demotion, internal organization environment, and separation of employees.

Developing standards of performance to evaluate employee and staff can increase the employee's involvement and motivation. Management by objective can be used for staff personnel and is an effective personal motivator. "Management by walking around" can be an effective way to "catch" an employee doing something right. Management by walking around adds to more positive employee performance evaluations. Using this technique will allow the manager to correct inappropriate behavior or work procedures on the spot. An employee manual with the foodservice operation's policies and procedures is necessary for good employee-employer relationships. A positive approach, humor, and a good self-image can be valuable assets for a foodservice manager. Providing a positive work environment and paying attention to the employee and the employee's contributions to the organization's goals can be the most effective motivator in the industry.

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