Palmitoyl - ACP thioesterase C16 : 0-► C16 : 0 - ACP

Stearoyl - ACP thioesterase C18 : 0-► C18 : 0 - ACP

Stearoyl - ACP desaturase

[ Cytoplasm] (Endoplasmic Reticulum)

C18 : 3* Linoleoyl desaturase C18 : 2* f Oleoyl / desaturase

\ Fatty acid \ elongase

Figure 3. A simplified scheme for the synthesis of fatty acids in plants seeds. Abbr.: ACP—acyl carrier protein; CoASH—coenzyme A. * The oleoyl and linoleoyl desaturases act on C18:l and C18:2 moieties of phosphatidylcholine to produce C18:2 and C18:3, respectively.

(possess cytoplasm that allows normal production of pollen), and (3) a restorer or male parent line that carries nuclear genes that will restore normal fertility to the hybrid cultivars. The expected level of heterosis (up to 40% seed yield increase) is sufficient to offset the cost associated with the development of an effective cytoplasmic malesterile, genetic restorer system (10,31). Although SI hybrids have been released in Canada, a limitation of the self-incompatibility system for field crops, even though it is used for vegetable crops, is the relatively high cost.

The Brassica oilseeds have responded to genetic manipulation better than any other crop. The rapidly growing interest for crop improvement and modification by noncon-ventional breeding approaches as a result of advances in molecular biology and tissue culture techniques is currently focused on several areas of research (39,45,46).

1. Production of haploids by culture of reproductive organs to reduce the time required for new cultivar development.

Table 1. Fatty Acid Composition of Normal and Modified Rapeseed OU Resulting from Selection

Fatty acid

Table 1. Fatty Acid Composition of Normal and Modified Rapeseed OU Resulting from Selection

Fatty acid

Oil Type









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