ch2oh d-Mannitol Xylitol Erythritol

Figure 3. Structures of other food alditols.

Figure 4. Cyclization of d-fructose to pyranose and furanose ring forms.

syrups, d-fructose occurs as the more stable six-membered (hemiacetal/hemiketal, pyranose) ring (Fig. 4); in the di-saccharide sucrose (described in the next section), d-fructose occurs in its five-membered (furanose) ring form (lower ring structure in Fig. 4). (The squiggly lines on carbon 2 in this figure and at the reducing end of Figure 5 indicate a mixture of two configurations—the a and p configurations.) Reduction of d-fructose produces a mixture of d-glucitol (sorbitol) and d-mannitol. Fructose cannot be oxidized to an acid or lactone.

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