Identification and Characterization of Immunogens

Unlike the complex antigens of helminths (Trichinella, Cysticercus), T. gondii has only four major surface antigens (43, 30, 22, and 14 kDA); all strains of T. gondii so far investigated share these important antigens (6). Thus, there appears to be no potential strain-dependent vaccination or diagnostic problems. At least two proteins (P30 and P14) have been characterized. P30 is the major dominant antigen and constitutes 5% of the total surface protein (6,7). The gene encoding the P30 protein has been cloned, expressed in a vector, and the fusion protein is being tested for diagnosis. A preliminary study suggests that identification of high levels of specific IgA antibodies against P30 antigen is useful for diagnosing congenital toxoplasmosis in children (8).

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