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The IFT publishes two journals. One is the Journal of Food Science. Approximately 50% of the articles it publishes come from outside the United States, which attests to the journal's high repute. In 1950 the IFT purchased the journal Food Research from Garrard Press and changed its name to the Journal of Food Science (JFS). The first issue ofFood Technology was published in January 1947. JFS of course is peer-reviewed; so too are many of the articles in Food Technology. The latter contributes to the reputation of the IFT, for approximately 17.6% of IFT members reside abroad, and all members and professional members receive Food Technology as a part of their dues. Food Technology features some of the outstanding papers given at the annual meeting, various didactic or expository articles, and each Scientific Status Summary. Illustration of the last are "Assessing, Managing, and Communicating Chemical Food Risks" (3), "Foodborne Disease Significance of Escherichia coli 0157:H7" (4), "Irradiation of Food" (5), and "Glass Transition in Low Moisture and Frozen Foods" (6).

Sleeping Sanctuary

Sleeping Sanctuary

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