Image Sensing Device

This part of the system is able to locate the object and positions itself so as to capture or acquire the measured feature in the orientation it was originally programmed to find (5). The image-sensing device captures a light intensity and changes this to an electrical signal, which is sent to the processor. Image-sensing devices are usually video

Figure 1. Analogy between human and machine vision. Figure 2. Flowchart for a machine vision system.

Figure 3. Components of a machine vision system.

cameras or solid-state cameras (charge-couple devices [CCD] or charge-injection devices [CID]); infrared [IR], ultraviolet (UV) or X rays; laser scanners, and ultrasonic sensing devices. These devices can be very small and sealed in housings, have low or high resolution, and be monochrome or color. The small, high-resolution and/or color cameras are suitable where detail is needed but are more costly and take longer to process the image.

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