Important State Agencies

Teagasc—the Agriculture and Food Development Authority—is the national body providing advisory, research, education, and training services to the agricultural and food industry. It was established in September 1988 and replaced ACOT, the agricultural advisory and training body, and An Foras Talúntais, the agriculture and food research organization. Of particular importance to Teagasc is the education and training for young farmers, research in the food industry, together with farm management, economics, marketing of agricultural products, and rural development (8). Teagasc has two major food research centers, the Dairy Products Research Center in Cork and the National Food Center in Dublin.

Bord Bia, the Irish Food Board, is the market development and promotional body established by the government to assist the Irish food and drink industry. Its role is to work in partnership with Irish companies, bringing them together with prospective buyers to build sales of Irish food and drink in export markets. It provides a range of services, including market information support, product promotion, inward buyer programs, quality assurance initiatives, and marketing enhancement programs for individual companies. It has a network of international offices, in Dusseldorf, London, Madrid, Milan, Moscow, New York, and Paris.

An Bord Glas, the Horticulture Development Board, was established in March 1990 as a statutory semistate body. The primary function of the board is to assist and encourage all aspects of horticulture so as to increase output, improve the domestic market, and thereby create employment and contribute more significantly to GNP. BIM/ Irish Sea Fisheries Board is the state agency with primary responsibility for the sustainable development of the Irish seafish and aquaculture industry both at sea and ashore and the diversification of the coastal economy so as to enhance the employment, income, and welfare of people in coastal regions and their contribution to the national economy. It provides a wide range of financial, technical, educational, marketing, resource development, and ice supply services for the production sector through to the processing and marketing sectors.

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