Induction by Controlling the Culture Conditions

Glutamic acid-producing bacteria such as B. lactofermen-turn require biotin for growth. When the concentration of biotin is controlled in a limited range of 3 to 5 ¡ugfL, the amount of l-glutamic acid accumulated reaches 80 g/L or more if more than 50% sugar is added). If the culture contains more or less than this biotin level, almost no accumulation of l-glutamic acid is observed.

When a small amount of penicillin is added to a culture with an excess amount of biotin, l-glutamic acid production is induced as a result of the inhibition of peptide gly-can synthesis by penicillin in cell walls. When cane molasses is used as a carbon source in cultures in which a sufficient amount of biotin exists, l-glutamic acid is produced by this penicillin method.

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