Industrial Scientist Award

Award. $3,000 honorarium and a plaque from IFT (if a team wins, each member of the team will receive a plaque and an equal share of the $3,000). Purpose. To honor an IFT member industrial scientist or team of industrial scientists who have made a major technical contribution to the advancement of the food industry.

Eligibility. All team members must be IFT members. Team nominations should identify those persons primarily responsible for the achievement. Team size is limited to a maximum of five persons. Team nominations should identify the role of each team member in accomplishment. Once a nomination is submitted, no additional team members may be added.

The nominees must have made one or more major technical contributions to the advancement of the food industry while a member of an industrial food organization. The nominees' contribution must have had a significant, measurable impact in areas such as production; development of new products, processes, or packaging systems; improvement of food safety and nutrition; and so forth. Food research in industry is generally a team approach, making it difficult to assign credit for an outstanding technical accomplishment to one person or a small group. Nevertheless, the nomination should identify the person(s) most responsible for making the project(s) a success. Part of this success is the direct benefit of the scientists' contribution to consumers and to the profession of food science and technology. Special instructions. The nomination statement must not be more than four typed pages. Do not include a curriculum vitae or lists of publications and patents.

Homemade Pet Food Secrets

Homemade Pet Food Secrets

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