Hot liquid 60,000 Ib/h of water at 200°F; cold liquid 60,000 Ib/h of water at 60°F.

Figure 5. Effect of percentage heat recovery on PHE cost.

Figure 6. Two shrouded Paraflow units provide an optimum return on investment with energy and cost saving regeneration of 88 and 81%.

Duty: To heat 1,300,000 Ib/h of water from 73 to 97°F using 1,300,000 Ib/h of water at 107°F. Available pressure loss 15 lb/in.2 for both streams.

Heat recovery = 70.5%

Number of heat-transfer units (HTU) = 2.4

Heat-transfer area Heat-transfer coefficient (clean) Heat-transfer coefficient (dirty) Effective mean temperature difference Pressure drop: hot fluid/cold fluid Fouling resistance: hot fluid/cold fluid Pass arrangement

Approximate price


$95,000 Stainless steel



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