Pufferfish poisoning 1051 1534

Puff pastry 143 742

Pulasans 1167

Pullulanase 660

Pulmonary disease, enteral feeding for 634

Pulque 519

Pulsed electric field (PEF) 126 979

Pulsed light processing 2025

Pummelos 1154 1156 Pumps distillation system 515

enteral feeding 637

Puncture test, for cheese studies 320

Pungency 836

PureBright light 2025

Purge and trap apparatus, flavor chemistry 843

Purine alkaloids 33

Purines 26

Purple larve 2102

Purpurinidin fructo-glucoside 377

Pyacyanase 54

Pyrazines, in foods 838

Pyrethrins 1212

Pyridoxine 2505 See also Vitamin B6

Pyrroles, in foods 838

Pyrrolizidine alkaloids 32 2340

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